Videos Using Photography Composition

This year, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of scripting and filming music videos for our music group, The Johnson Strings. After all, what are videos? They’re moving pictures! It definitely takes some planning to create good moving compositions and craft all the little details into one big picture. Anyway, three videos out of seven have been finished so far. I’ve filmed three more this month, and am working on planning the last two for this year.

It’s an exciting way to force me to think outside my regular photography skills set and work to master a complimentary art!

Why don’t you watch a few and let me know what you think?

Here’s the link:


Has anyone been doing any fall pictures? Here’s a snapshot I took during our last filming adventure!

IMG_8256byLaura for web

Sarah {Class of 2015}


A couple of weeks, ago, I shot some senior photos for my sweet cousin.  We had such a lovely time  - a quick trip to pick up coffee, and then driving around town looking for some fun locations.  It was a blast!  I brought an 8 ft ladder, and got myself into some precarious positions next to a river, but it was SO worth it!

Which photo is your favorite?  What do you like, and what could I have done better?


The bugs were awful, but she was such a trooper!DSC_7048 DSC_7154 DSC_7466

One of my ladder shots.  Love the background!DSC_7899 DSC_8039 DSC_8172 DSC_8261 - Copy

I took this shot at dusk and lightened it up in post.  What do you think?


We went out a day or two later  and grabbed a few more shots in another outfit that we had missed in the previous photo shoot.DSC_8781

Fire and Smoke


“The day came like fire and smoke.  Low in the East there were black bars of cloud like the fumes of a great burning.  The rising sun lit them from beneath with flames of murky red; but soon it climbed above them into a clear sky.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien

I read that quote earlier this year and have wanted to see a sunrise like that description ever since.  I loved watching this gorgeousness unfold in front of me.  It just kept getting more and more beautiful!

The sunrise literally looked just like this!  No editing but defining the lines to make it look more like it did in real life. This sunrise was brilliant and full of majesty!  Truly a masterpiece of our glorious God!