Blood Moon

April Blood MoonWith John’s reminder and his handy link to the specific times of the Blood Moon’s appearance, I was up in the wee hours of the morning with my tripod and my camera to capture this beautiful happening.

The photos of the moon were taken at 2:53 am, 3:03 am, and 3:22 am with my camera settings at 1/4th, f/4.5, ISO 1250. Because of the darkness of the Blood Moon, I had my camera mounted on my tripod and set on a two second timer. It’s good to remember that because neither the world nor the moon and stars are ever standing absolutely still (and I don’t own a computerized/motorized tracking mount for my camera), my shutter speed can’t get too long otherwise the moon will end up a blur! Unless, of course, I am shooting star trails, which is also fun.

Anyway, it was a great chilly morning!

By the way, if you are wanting to fill the whole image frame with the moon, you will need a lens combination longer than 1,500mm! (And quite a chunk of money!!!) I took these pictures with my 200mm lens and then cropped and fused the images together.

I hope you all have a glorious Easter celebrating our risen Lord and Savior!


Adventurers {Part 2}


The Grand Canyon was one of the most incredibly gorgeous places I’ve ever seen!  I was completely unprepared for the vastness and majesty.  Photos cannot capture the beauty, and words cannot do justice to the glory displayed.




Elijah and I scared our poor parents half to death twice.  Oops!  This is one of my favorite moments and photos from the trip thus far.  It was incredible to look down into the vastness below.


Hoover Dam. What an incredible structure! Massive, and an engineering masterpiece. Also, I was amazed by the great bridge spanning the river.


Lake Mead.


Adventurers {Part 1}

DSC_0190My family and I are currently on a vacation/business trip to California.  We have visited some incredible places, and I have been blessed to capture some gorgeous scenery.  Here are some shots from the first day.  You can find more details and more photos on my personal blog (

DSC_0454 Petroglyph National Monument.


Adventure is out there!
What do you think of the negative space in this shot?


Thumbing for a ride. :)



The vast nothingness of Arizona.


A boy and his best buddy.


Petrified Forest, AZ.