GWP update

Dear GWP Contributors,

As we are sure you’ve noticed, things have been pretty quiet on the site lately. This is mainly due to our lack of involvement, and we’re really sorry for that. As we have regrouped and had time to think, we have come to a difficult conclusion. We all decided that we are not able to be as involved as needed to run the site successfully. This means that the site needs to be closed. This was a really hard decision to make and we did not decide lightly, but it’s definitely the wisest course of action.

We will not be accepting any more entries, but the site will stay online through the end of December. Please comment on this post with any good places you have found to share photos online. If you would like to stay in touch with people on the site, please use this form to add your email address to a directory which is private to other contributors who submit an email address.

We are SO thankful for each of you who joined us in this adventure, and for your wonderful contributions. This site has been a blessing to all of us, and we sincerely hope it has been to you as well!

- Wesley, Brooke, Hannah, John, and Laura